Baked Organic chicken with rosemary

The picture doesn’t make justice to the whole chicken originally cooked. I think we are almost at the end of the meal here with some skin and feet left behind. I am so happy to have found this place at the market where they sell only fresh no gmo chicken. It’s expensive but from now on every time we want to eat chicken this is the place where to head. And the taste is so amazing, so different from any other!

This is a succulent way to present a whole cut chicken and you need very few ingredients. The aim here is to taste meat completely flavoured with one winning fresh-from-the-garden-pot herb: ROSEMARY.

1 Red onion
1 big tomato
1 rosemary sprig
Salt, good olive oil
1 whole chicken already cut

I m using the glass oven since we don’t own a conventional oven. First of all wash the chicken and massage with pink salt, then throw it in the wok and grill cook it in its own juice stirring constantly. It doesn’t matter if it s not well cooked because it will go to the oven for an hour or so. When it s done keep it aside in a large dish. Now take a glass tray and fully scatter with a thick layer of thin onion cuts. Now make the chicken layer with all the cooked pieces and the tomato chunks. One rosemary sprig is enough if nicely thick: divide it in three pieces plus pluck some leaves. Place the three mini branches far from each other stuck between chicken morsels and sprinkle the leaves all over. Toss with more salt and the olive oil ( well I used grapeseed oil). Bake for an hour or more and give a couple of stirs during the all time so that the onions on the bottom can mix and cook with the meat. The verdict will be awesome and the flavour will stay until two days after!


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