Pesto di capperi – pesto capers


Capers is probably the only food I bring back every time I visit Italy. All the rest is unnecessary or too fresh to be packed for 15 hours. But capers no. They are a must in the kitchen for the distinctive flavour and the versatility you can use them. I don’t remember exactly when I started loving capers, not too long ago anyway. But the memory of their strong fragrance and taste is alive since childhood. They are really popular in south of Italy. They are used with veggies, fish, pasta and more. This is the total first time I venture with this pesto. It s just awesome and simple to blend. In Italy they mostly use almonds for the nutty part, I only had cashews at home and ipthey worked perfect.


For the pesto you need:

Cherry tomatoes

Capers have to be washed in fresh water if they are salty. Cashews are more flavourful when roasted briskly. Blend all the ingredients and enjoy!


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