about radha

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HI! this is me, chef and author at Delicious inspiration, an inventary of recipes and culinary adventures directly from Hong Kong.  The kitchen is located upstate, surrounded by many farms, trendy shopping malls, plenty of wet markets (street markets). I walk, bike, or travel by light train to reach the delicious ingredients. Before moving from Italy to HK I have enjoyed the lifestyles in Colombia and in New York. Therefore you can taste almost any kind of dish here.

Hong Kong is my new home and I am truly delighted and lucky to be part of this colorful and dynamic scenario now. In this notebook you can read about my adventures while strolling and walking around its different neighbors, enjoying the shopping and the visits here and there alone or with my Hongkonese hubbie or friends.

  You are deliciously Welcome! And please don’t forget to leave an inspiration too in the comment box


8 thoughts on “about radha

  1. What an interesting heritage!
    I love how your recipes reflect the influence of the different cuisines that you grew up around.

  2. Really glad to meet u, someone that shares some similar interests actually….food, health, self-development etc. Thanks lots for all comments on my blog. It’s exciting to know you love Chinese food now while being exposed to many other different foods from various countries. I’m always curious and fascinated by food and still learning with much emphasis on cooking healthy food for my family. Will surely drop by often to read. Hv a nice day.

  3. Hi radha,
    Feel refreshed as seeing your way of preparing some local ingredients, the magic dishes of choy sum, the huge beans salad … You are not only a sweet chef but magic maker.

    • HI THK, lei hao ma? it’s my great luck to live here in HK and to have teh opportunity to discover new flavours and methods everytime. It is going to be an endless cooking journey. thank you for your magical compliments but truly i am just stepping into the kitchen right now. BTw do you know the name of those huge beans? they were really surprising, also chinese name is okey. Thanks & have good day!

  4. wow Radha,

    cuisine blog 😀
    i would love to come back anytime to know the flavors of a different world than where i am..
    all the best and the pics are too good to make ur mouth water 😛

    • hello Aiz! yes the kitchen is another playground of mine, i lov mouthwaterin simple food 🙂 😛

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