Chinese noodles with mascarpone and grilled tomato sauce


Premium homemade sauce starting from scratch dear people! You won’t believe it but yes when tomato sauce is made with roasted or grilled red fruits the taste is completely different than when fresh fruits are used in the blender. Go for the pre-grilled version to never be disappointed whenever you need a tomato sauce for a soup, a crostini, a dip. Heaven delicious.

So for this recipe you need tomatoes of course. I used the bid rounded ripe type, cut in slices and roasted in oven with fresh basil, salt, sugar and good quality grapeseed oil. Roasted for half an hour more less. Until the fruit change color and start to become slightly crispy. Then move them from the oven to the blender and make a purée. Cook it up in a casserole adding some water, until it bubbles, lid covered. In the meantime bring to boil water and cook noodles. The only kind I had were this Chinese dry style of noodles. Drain the noodles when they are soft enough and add them to the tomato sauce casserole. Stir in mascarpone. A brand new pink sauce is going to envelop the noodles. Serve it warm but not too hot< because this dish is SO tasty that people will not want to wait to eat up despite the burning sensation!!

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