Mashed lentils and crepe batter pizza dough


This is the classical recipe which comes out of some ingredients collected here and there. A couple of spoons of crepe butter stirred into mashed lentils and you have a compact molding dough which can be used for different recipes. I have rolled up a quick mini pizza with it and grill-cooked in a wok. Tomato sauce and cheese for toppings.


The Springtime cheescake


If you are looking for a great dosage of freshness into a cheesecake, this is a great flavour combination: chunkies of pineapple enveloped in the cream plus a massive sprinkle of mashed pistachios on the top. You have a wonderful cake, light and fruity.
The creamy part is made with cottage cheese, white sugar and some whipped cream. Blend the first two and then add the third. Mix in the fruit and spread it on top of the crust. Refrigerate at least for three hours.