Thyme lemon chicken wings



Here re is a simple recipe for chicken wings. Fingerlicking department. Soak the meat in purifying water for five minuts. Throw the wings into a warm wok and let them grill stirring time to time. Add some oil and water, lots of dry sprigs of thyme, the squeeze of half a lemon, stir and lid cover. Check the tenderness with a chopstick, it should have formed a juice


Salmon sushi fiesta

Making sushi sounds always like fiesta. These morsels are so inviting and they put you in a party mood, really! Sushi with salmon and sesame seeds, few boiled asparagus and a splash of fun and creativity, no other food preparation  seems so cheering! Anytime you want something quick, nutritious and jolly looking sushi is the choice. We are accompanying with vinegar sprayed boiled zucchini and a simple chicken rice dish too.