Yam, carrot and apple juice


A new adorable flavour rich in sweetness and much more….


Un nuovo sapore di succo fatto in casa pieno di dolcezza e molto di piu…

yam, color orange: rich in carbohydrates, fibers, betacarotene (especially when dark orange).

yam o patata dolce : di colore arancione ricca in carbo, fibre, betacarotene ce si tramuta in Vitamina A, Vitamina C, Vitamina B6

China is the largest grower of sweet potatoes; providing about 80% of the world’s supply, 130 million tons were produced in one year (in 1990; about half that of common potatoes). Historically, most of China’s sweet potatoes were grown for human consumption, but now most (60%) are grown to feed pigs. The rest are grown for human food and for other products. Some are grown for export, mainly to Japan. China grows over 100 varieties of sweet potato. [wiki source]

carrot, color orange: rich in  fibers, betacarotene, antioxidants.

carote arancioni: di nuovo fibre, betacarotene e antiossidanti

apple, red outside and white inside: encourages the neurons to work fast and nicely, helps bowel movements and makes the heart stronger plus lots of other good functions.

mele rosse: incoraggiano un lavoro piu rapido dei neuroni cerebrali, aiutano i movimenti intestinali e rafforzano il cuore piu altre funzioni positive.



3 thoughts on “Yam, carrot and apple juice

  1. hi Kristy, i added more apples and just 1 yam to get the benefits but not the predominant flavour. the juice was really tasty~

  2. what a lovely juice! I’m sure it tastes nice. Agree with what you said….more applea & less sweet potatoes. I have some friends who gained great health benefits just drinking potato juice everyday. I guess when there’s a desperate need, you will drink even if it tastes bitter.

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