Mashed lentils and crepe batter pizza dough


This is the classical recipe which comes out of some ingredients collected here and there. A couple of spoons of crepe butter stirred into mashed lentils and you have a compact molding dough which can be used for different recipes. I have rolled up a quick mini pizza with it and grill-cooked in a wok. Tomato sauce and cheese for toppings.

The Springtime cheescake


If you are looking for a great dosage of freshness into a cheesecake, this is a great flavour combination: chunkies of pineapple enveloped in the cream plus a massive sprinkle of mashed pistachios on the top. You have a wonderful cake, light and fruity.
The creamy part is made with cottage cheese, white sugar and some whipped cream. Blend the first two and then add the third. Mix in the fruit and spread it on top of the crust. Refrigerate at least for three hours.

Thyme lemon chicken wings



Here re is a simple recipe for chicken wings. Fingerlicking department. Soak the meat in purifying water for five minuts. Throw the wings into a warm wok and let them grill stirring time to time. Add some oil and water, lots of dry sprigs of thyme, the squeeze of half a lemon, stir and lid cover. Check the tenderness with a chopstick, it should have formed a juice

Salmon sushi fiesta

Making sushi sounds always like fiesta. These morsels are so inviting and they put you in a party mood, really! Sushi with salmon and sesame seeds, few boiled asparagus and a splash of fun and creativity, no other food preparation  seems so cheering! Anytime you want something quick, nutritious and jolly looking sushi is the choice. We are accompanying with vinegar sprayed boiled zucchini and a simple chicken rice dish too.


Azuki beans spread or filling for dessert


These amazing beans you know them? One of the many beany discoveries I ve made in the Chinese food Land. They also make a wonderful spread once boiled with cinnamon bark and eventually smashed before receiving a good blend up to a creamy consistence. I added a little agave for sweeten the spread. They can work awesome for many Japanese dessert recipes or simply spread on bread, toast, crackers, cookies, pancakes, crepes……………


Riso al pesto di basilico – Rice with basil pesto


Basil pesto is always so inviting and refreshing! Holy herb for real here. It grows very quickly and abundantly, you have to water it every day and let it enjoy some food daily sunshine. Hav you ever smelled a bunch of leaves directly from your hands ?! Simply divine experience.
Today I ve made this for lunch: plain rice stirred with freshly blended pesto on low fire. I ve blended a handful of basil leaves, some not roasted cashews, avocado oil and water. Four ingredients for the green delicious rice!

Pesto di capperi – pesto capers


Capers is probably the only food I bring back every time I visit Italy. All the rest is unnecessary or too fresh to be packed for 15 hours. But capers no. They are a must in the kitchen for the distinctive flavour and the versatility you can use them. I don’t remember exactly when I started loving capers, not too long ago anyway. But the memory of their strong fragrance and taste is alive since childhood. They are really popular in south of Italy. They are used with veggies, fish, pasta and more. This is the total first time I venture with this pesto. It s just awesome and simple to blend. In Italy they mostly use almonds for the nutty part, I only had cashews at home and ipthey worked perfect.


For the pesto you need:

Cherry tomatoes

Capers have to be washed in fresh water if they are salty. Cashews are more flavourful when roasted briskly. Blend all the ingredients and enjoy!