Spicy red lentils dhal on rye parantha


Dahl are the best! Very dear to me because Italians incorporate plenty of beans in their diet… At least in the pastimes. This is one of the smartest thing people can really do to eat healthy. Have lots of beans. When I arrived in Hong Kong it was surprising to explore all the local beany desserts. The association of beans and rock sugar for a sweet flavour immediately caught on me. It was the only way to eat some beans at the restaurant here! Not in the soup, nor in spreads, only in sweet desserts at the end of any meal at any Chinese restaurant.

Spicy or salty combinations of beans on the other hand is just so filling and delicious. The red lentil dhal here was quick to fix. Infact the lentils were halved already and softened in no time soaking water. Every time I make a kind of dhal I use to give a fry to the beans in garlic and spices like cumin, chilli, turmeric. Then I add some fresh herb like spring onion, rosemary, cilantro or basil. Add a cubed tomato and water almost double the level to cover them and let them stew in the pressure cooker for half hour or more. I check thru the window on the lid. Or I just burn them all and restart yes!

This style of lentil dhal is thick, spicy and TASTY, with all the earthy authentic flavour. Starting from dry organic halved red lentils.

Perfect topping on a rye parantha and topped with shaved grilled chicken. Cant you feel the juicy flavour?

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