Powerful egg fry


Quails, duck and emu eggs have been found the most powerful from a nutritive point of view. Tonight we are happy with five plain chicken eggs super enriched by other amazing ingredients. I loved the picture it looks like a cake full of colors and details!

Start by frying garlic and cumin seeds in mustard oil, then add a lot of thin capsicum. Stir until it s done plus some agave nectar. Now it s the time to drop all the eggs in the same pan, sprinkle with cracked pepper and cover. They will stick on the bottom but the steam will slowly cook them. Keep the fire on lowest and drop pour some water all around the eggs so they won’t burn much. The last few minuts toss some firm tofu on the top. Cover up again for a quick while.

Before serving in the dish, sprinkle with hemp seeds and shallots, squeeze some lime too.

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