Easy rice burger in coconut sauce


Sometimes it’s so hot here that you just want to sit and in a wink of eyes like magic see a meal materialising in front of you. Exactly what happened with these burgers. Well only close to an eye wink lapse of time! Just mix well with a spatula or the hands a good proportion of rice, egg, spices and or herbs, bread crumbs. Shape it in patties, roll in egg butter and coat with bread crumbs. Fry and drain. Here is a simple and unassuming burger which can be empowered with a great sauce and juicy veggies on the side. I stir fried French beans and white button mushrooms with garlic, then stirred in coconut cream, tossed with herbs, the same used for the burger, to keep the flavours on the same line. Finally this is a meal you just want to devour!


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