Carnitas exquisitas

Carnitas is something that caught my attention this week and since there was pork lean in the freezer I decided to go for it. Plus I had time to dedicate. Infact carnitas takes a couple of hours to make but in the pressure cooker it took half of that time. This dish make the atmosphere smelling awesome and the spices in it are also awesome.

Meat have to be cut in big cubes first. Then drop in to water with garlic cloves, crashed cumin seeds, cinnamon stick, chilli, salt, fresh cilantro, I added some dry peas too but in the end they didnt cook perfectly. Meat have to cook to the point that a fork can softly break it down in shreds. Afterwards all the shreds are stir fried. I used them into onigiri. And served also with plain rice for a quick but delicious dinner. Will make carnitas soon again for my friends next time!


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