Vegan pad Thai with peanut butter

Sounds it weird?!? Peanut butter in pad Thai was the only option I had in my pantry tonight to assemble something with a taste very close to the original pad Thai. Do you now peanut is on the way to be out of evolution? We will all withdraw on a vegan soy butter in the end!! It tastes delicious anyway! For this great version of pad Thai you need

Moong beans noodles
Peanut soy butter
Shredded carrots
A tomato
Garlic cloves
Agave nectar

Stir fry all the shredded vegs with garlic, when tender and hot add the tomato, agave and salt. Let them cook stirring for five minutes or so, then add noodles. Stir in the butter well. Serve with lime slices at room temperature. I also sprinkled hemp seeds before stirring the butter. For adding a touch of power!


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