Sundried tomato pesto


This pesto keeps in the fridge like forever and is the special touch to sauces, stir fries, spreads, pizzas, salads, sandwiches, plain rice. A couple of weeks ago I made spaghetti and stirred in a full spoon of Sundried tomato pesto. Served them warm. My friends were really surprised on how flavourful this sort of tomato paste was. They said ‘much more delicious’ than the tomato paste we get in the store. Of course this was made from scratch and I used the following ingredients:

sundried tomatoes
garlic cloves
dry oregano
dry chili
some fresh basil leaves
some salty capers
cashew nuts
extra virgin olive oil cold pressed

Soften the dried tomatoes in lots of water and vinegar for several hours. When they are done pat them dry. Blend them together with all the other ingredients to make a paste. Keep in a jar in the fridge and use anytime. I made this jar about three months ago. It s still flavourfully intact.


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