Half warm salad four veggies


Would you eat raw broccoli in a salad? I can’t. The soft crunchiness of stir fried broccoli is something to die for. Some veggies are still very nutritious an delicious when eaten slightly cooked. I do stir fry a lot but there are also many plants I can enjoy at raw status. Here is a combination of both, a semi warm salad topped with a sunnyside egg with basil. Carrots and broccoli have been softened in the wok quickly with coconut oil and miso in the end. Red cabbage and cucumber thinly cut and left raw in the bowl. A final drizzle of grapeseeds oil and sprinkle of Himalayan pink salt. The balanced salad is served people!

Broccoli florets
Red cabbage

Miso paste
Coconut oil

Grapeseeds oil



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