Brownie real secrets for a fast and fun preparation

The process of making the real ultimate brownie cake is really worthy and cool. And how fast! I am experimenting vegan ways in the kitchen and exploring some really interesting combinations. Like flaxmeal and water to have an eggey consistence. I love eating eggs but this flaxmeal mini mixture is giving amazing results and it s perfect every time we run out of eggs.
For this brownie birthday cake the final version looks pretty thick and eye catching, infact the dosage were doubled from the original adapted recipe. This recipe is a bomb! You must try it definitely, you ll love the whole step by step. Sensational recipe.

My twists to the Ultimate brownie cake:

  • Double the flour (sifted)
  • Double everything else except the crushed chocolate and the agave
  • Have both cocoa powder and ginger powder
  • Normal butter
  • Add four finely crushed green cardamoms (seeds)
  • Have 1cup crushed cashew incorporated

Another one was the cinnamon brownie made with boiled and cooled red beans. Awesome just to say something. A proteic black brownie. For this one I used a Cup of beans, the flaxseeds water eggy solution, six T spoons of cocoa and one of cinnamon powder, half Cup of warmed coconut oil. Really quick to mesh it up: warm up the oil, purée the beans almost completely together with cocoa and cinnamon (add some water), mix four T spoon of water with two of flaxseed meal and let this mixture sit to goop up. Into the goompy flaxmeal now add the oil and half Cup of red sugar. Stir until it becomes foamy and well combined, it will resemble a cream. With a large spoon start to incorporate the beans purée into the foamy cream. You will have a sticky and compact mixture. With the hands fix this delicious glue in a shallow greasy cake tin. It s ready to go to oven. I have a ventilated halogen oven and it takes about 45 min at 150 every time for each brownie cake. The thick Ultimate cake (pic above) took instead almost double the time.

Right now a golden like honey brownie is cooking! It comes with raisin white chocolate balls which melted while stirring them to the [flaxseeds egg plus warm coconut oil plus sugar] combination. I used plain wheat flour for this one tho. The final color resulted into a golden honey. Beautiful! Real fun for a real quick preparation.



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