Dearest readers…

HI HI all of you, reading or not, browsing or not, everybody included,

i just came to say hello with the hope that you will spend a great time during the next few days. Over here it s been really good and simple. Lovely shopping, refreshing hiking, healthy wall climbing, dinner with family, mega party in hotel with friends, random strolling here and there, movie theatre one morning and a couple of Bollywoods’ in dvd, birdwatching in the north yesterday. And as for the details: picking a bag of fresh mature passion fruits in Nam Sang Wai area, purchasing big gorgeous roses (3 for 15$) at a street flower shop in Tai Tong Road (Yuen Long), arranging a cool nativity set in the living room with green fabrics and real pieces of woods and fresh or dry plants, receiving a parcel of amazing sweets from Italy, making a stew of lamb shoulder for the first time (it was delicious hubbie said), preparing fish in salty crust right now now in the halogen oven.

Please enJoy these short holidays in the best ways ~ Love, radha



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