Bowrington Street market & Prizemart grocery



Unxpectingly wandering into one of the oldest areas of urban Hongkong and where do I stumble? Of course on a MARKET, a ‘wet market’ as it is called here. Bowrington road is located in Wanchai, glued to Causeway Bay zone. Eyes brightens up all of a sudden amidst the heavy grayness of the long day spent downtown. It’s just what i need i thought, a colorful and cozy Chinese market. I just visited the vegetable aisle for some green leaf flowery veg (one lady in Tai Po market one time told me they are originally from Shanghai), few beetroots, a couple of sprouts (which cannot exactly remember the plant they are from) fresh and pre packed tofu, a bag of soybeans. At the Malaysian stall for two packs of coconut sugar. Outside this aisle the meat area and its goats heads hanging there with their cool horns and the teeth and everything else. The butchers are not too busy and the fresh meat is just so  inviting. Yes got some red meat too as you can see up there in the bowl. But it s not the end of the tour. After a warm hazelnut latte at the coffee shop and a brisk siu mai snack on the go I am all done and refreshed for the dentist appointment. Change of neighbor, a short metro run: I am in Temple street area now.

Prizemart is everywhere in Hongkong: a chain of stores which stocks up lots of junk snacks, dry fruits and nuts, pasta and noodles, oil in tanks and huge bottles of cleansing stuff mainly from America, Europe and China. Cranberries, yogurt raisins, almonds and olive oil: here’s my very late evening purchase. My shopping bags are overloaded, it s time to fly back home…and make dinner.


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