Almond milk warm pudding with red sugar caramel

Just enjoyed a couple of slices of this wonderful dessert made today with agar agar (in strips not in powder). The key taste of this healthy sweetness comes precisely from almond milk made with almonds and coconut sugar (sold in small dark brown blocks at the malaysian store). After making the milk i decided to use half of its quantity for this pudding.While keeping the milk hot in a saucepan stir in agar agar until it dissolves. It takes quite a while for finally dissolving those strips…Bring it to boil for best results!

After all the stirring/whisking work, move the milk in a deep bowl or ramekin or moulds and just let it cool on the counter. Before serving, slice and top with caramel made with red traditional sugar, send to the oven for five minutes (it should have stayed for more time until the caramel would have bubbled but i just left it warm up). This caramel gave an authentic taste to the whole dessert which would have been quite tasteless otherwise. Lots love and enjoy healthy desserts as much as possible.

And for a fancier add just cut the pudding in squares and roll them up in coconut dry shred. Very Asian kind of traditional sweet.



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