Clam chowder with yam

Tonight is the time for this experiment which we totally enjoyed during the dinner, the clam chowder. Key ingredients are yam, cilantro, clams. I used 23 fresh clams, rinsed them with acid water for a couple of times. Then let them open in a castor iron pan with boiling water and a lid. Kept this steaming hot water aside: this is going to be the matrix of flavour for the whole chowder.

For clam chowder with yam you need:

  • half onion in cubes
  • cilantro stalks cut
  • 2 TSP ghee
  • 2 TSP tapioca flour
  • 23 clams
  • salt, pepper
  • a full bowl of water
  • yam (steamed and smashed / cubes)
  • shredded boiled pork lean (optional)

In a saucepan i fried half red onion in small cubes into 2 tablespoons of ghee, waited for the onions to be almost translucent, added a bunch of thinly cut cilantro stalks, stirred and added some salt. After a while add in two tablespoons of tapioca flour and stir until nutty and cooked. Then add the water from the clams: the soup will start to assume a viscose consistence. Add in the cold water, keep stirring and when it comes to boil it’s the right moment for the yam to be dropped. I pre-steamed it and then roughy smashed with my fingers. It gives a great and rustic outlook to the whole chowder. Let everything simmer for a while and then drop in the clams (unshelled of course) too. Few more minutes and the chowder is ready. Add finally lots of fresh cilantro and crushed pepper. I also added shredded pork which was a left over (another soup) from the night before. I read that originally clam chowder calls for bacon and that’s why the idea to add some pork in it. The final result was extremely tasty and delicious, we really enjoyed and i was happy to find out how starch works great for soups and how quick could be to make such a fine meal! This could be a perfect entry on a Xmas menu.

Clam chowder is fine for freezing too:


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