Rye flour raisin cookies

This recipe has been modified basing on the ingredients i had in the pantry, the original inspiration is an old posting on New York Times by Dan Lepard. These cookies taste amazing and it must be mainly because of few things:

  • using the electrical beater for the liquid elements.
  • using red sugar which is different from brown sugar, it’s more like traditional type, very rustic and unrefined, it comes in blocks or granes.

Ok here are the stuff available at that moment, i also made out some of the dosages, in fact i run out of sugar. It yelds about 12 medium size thick cookies.

125 g unsalted soft butter

88 g (only because that was all left in the pack) red sugar

1 egg white

140 g rye flour

80 g raisins

half tsp baking powder

half tsp cinnamon powder

Beat the butter, the sugar and the white egg until peaks are forming. Now incorporate into the liquid batter the flour mixed well with the two powders. Whisk  nicely nicely and add the raisin. Then scoop out the cookies one by one onto a rack and bake. I used the halogen oven and it took about 40 minutes per batch, in total 80 minutes. The conventional oven should be much quicker.


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