Simple meringues dusted with cinnamon or osmanthus

First try and first success! How does it sound? …How does it taste? Very crunchy, soft inside and with a subtle lemony background.


  • 2 albumen of 2 medium size eggs
  • 130 gr caster sugar
  • 2 or 3 tsp squeezed lemon
  • a good whisker

How to:

about sugar and oven

Warm up the sugar on kitchen paper (the white translucent one useful for absorbing oil from fried food) inside the oven foe quite a while, lets say 10 minutes. We use an halogen oven here, the one with a round fan on top of the lid and a structure completely made of glass (branded German Pool). Well, for merengues this oven is just spectacular, for other foods is just good!

about the whisker and the lemon juice 

Hit the electrical help starting to froat the eggs-white, about one minute. Pour in the sugar in three/four steps letting it slip down directly from the paper (make out a mini toboggan shape with the fingers of one hand, don’t worry its not that hot even it s coming out of the oven). Add the fresh lemon juice or the flavor you have planned. Set the timer up to 10 minutes because the mixture have to become really glossy and sticky, completely glued to the bowl at the end.

about the meringues

With the help of two spoon, spoon the ready mixture on a new parchment paper sheet which will be sent to the oven. Pour gently down several spoonfuls: these will transform in crunchy meringues and will grow in dimension, so take care to aline them with a certain distance between each other. The halogen oven takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to realize the lovely sweet cookies. We dusted a part of them with cinnamon powder, the other part with osmanthus flowers before starting the oven. Actually the oven was already warm from the sugar at step one, which was a good thing.

froty egg white followed by first add of warm sugar:

warm caster sugar on paper waiting to move into the bowl with egg white


sticky glossy lemoney mix for meringues

six spoonfuls are ready for baking


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