Linguine with chorizo and three veg

Again chorizo, but what can i do? There was a big discount at the Spanish spot in our friends club house. We also shopped black and green olives filled with chili at bargein price. I was happy to get the chance to taste some Mediterranean flavors which are sometimes missed here. Last night dinner was fast to prepare:

  • linguine
  • shredded cabbage
  • white big button mushrooms
  • stringbeans
  • ginger root and oil
  • herbs and garlic aromatized oil
  • chorizo slices
  • some brown sugar
  • some halved olives

Boil linguine in lots of salty water. In a wok fry the ginger root, add in the different vegetables stir and cover. Let it cook for sometime, lets say 10 abundant minutes, then stir in strained linguine and the rest of ingredients. Blend the whole, even without fire because the heat from the pasta will warm up. It s a great dish, very filling and delicious. Served warm should be also fine. (Ah, there is a sprinkle of raisins as last second touch on the table, as you can see in the picture).


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