Versatile crema pasticcera

An Italian little but interesting and versatile recipe. Crema pasticcera was simple ‘la crema’ for little child radha. Mamma mi fai la crema? Mom can you fix me some cream? It was her top of the toppest snack of all the snacks of all the time!! Still now when she visits the family in Italy sometimes asks mamma mi fai la crema? And believe it or not she really makes lemon flavored crema for me, using a rolled up skin of half a fresh lemon as usual.

Usually for creme pasticcera i use the four ingredients as advised in this Italian food site. Today it turned out orange because of the red sugar ingredient. For two cups:

2 egg yolks stirred with 50 g sugar. Add 100 g plain flour and whisk well. Start pouring 200 ml milk with scraps of vanilla pod in it, stirring on low fire. Vanilla scraps can be replaced with a half-lemon whole-skin for a lemony flavor. La crema è fatta. Done, smooth and creamy, simple and versatile. Now you can dress any other recipe with warm or cold crema pasticcera or enjoy it at the spoon as well.



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