Bunuelos made with firm tofu

Last Saturday I came home very late at night without having any dinner. Husband calling is on his way too after some sport activity and didnt get anything to eat either. It’s past ten and I really want to give some food to the poor stomach. Gotta make some fun staple. And a salad to be quick. Suddently deciding to go for bunuelos although i never ever tried this recipe. You know i have been living in Bogota, the capital of Colombia for almost two years and there was this small modern shop, all tiled in blu and white ceramic, they even had a lovely real fish tank inside, it was run by a group of young friendly men. I use to go there often with my flatmates nd enjoy our bunuelos sitting inside there on a  stool or bringing them back home and preparing some nice hot chocolate to go with. Simply wonderful memories. So I made these bunuelos with chinese firm tofu, instead of queso colombiano. Perfect casual choice, they turned out fantastic with this recipe with the replacement of the chinese variation. This coming weekend i ll be making more and more for my friends to taste them.


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