Pangasius fillet tortiglioni pasta & green salad with bluberries

“Frozen Pangasius from Vietnam” , it s what i find here a lot at the supermarket and punctually enjoy for unelaborated quick fish meals. Fish and pasta is certainly a great option for one single dish and with a nice combination of veggies shuffled within, it sounds just perfect.  My small supermarket downstairs has a very limited choice of pasta and tortiglioni is what was on hand for dinner this time in the kitchen. We opt for rice based dinner 7 times ot of 10 anyways. Not this time. I had to make good use of those tortiglioni.

  • Frozen pangasius or sole fillet
  • pumpkin, potatos
  • salt, dill
  1. Rub the fish with salt and let it sit for a while, then cut in chunkies.
  2. Steam the vegetables after slicing in small pieces.
  3. Stir fry all the above adding half a laddle of boiling water from pasta pot which is cooking aside.
  4. Pour drained pasta in the skillet with fish, stir and sprinkle with dill. Serve hot and to be enjoyed…IMMEDIATELY (pasta does NOT like to wait at the table for her guests!)

This light pasta had some fresh raw company on the table: a creative salad with bluberries: absolutely lovely taste as you can imagine.

Tomatos, carrots, red onion (presoaked in water), lettuce, mozzarella (a fake) cheese, bluberries….all topped with a creamy mixture of yogurt, yellow mustard, sesame seeds. How cool is this salad?? Enjoy 🙂

Eccovi una combinazione di pasta e insalata fresca abbastanza leggere e facili da organizzare. I tortiglioni con pesce e verdure sono davvero squisiti e costituiscono un unico piatto. L’insalata presenta la variante “mirtilli” per gioire di un sapore diverso e fresco.

PASTA: tortiglioni/ merluzzo o sogliola surgelati/ zucca e patate/ aneto, sale.

  1. Massaggiare il merluzzo col sale e far riposare 15 min, poi tagliare a pezzetti.
  2. Zucca e patate a pezzetti e cucinate al vapore.
  3. Versar tutti gli ingredienti in padella, stir fry aggiungendo anche mezzo mestolo di acqua di cottura della pasta. 
  4. Aggiungere la pasta scolata e spolverare con aneto. Servire caldissima!

INSALATA: carote/ pomodori/ lattuga/ cipolle rosse/ mozzarella/ mirtilli; condire con vinagrette: yogurt, mostarda, semi sesamo. DELIZIOSA!


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