Tonight fishballs soup

And what fishball! Very first time for me to taste such a freshness. Plain fish meat sold loose at the market. there was also the flavorful version with spring onions and other herbs but i went for the plane white one…and surprise. Excellent plus. And i am not a fishballs lover, tending to discard them tenderly into hub bowl most of the time 😀

Lots of ingredients for this soup:

  • Fresh mint leaves – foglie di menta
  • Dry dill – aneto
  • Fresh and fried garlic – aglio
  • Purple cabbage – verza viola
  • Green lettuce – lattuga
  • Fish meat for fishballs – carne pesce per fishballs
  • 4 juicy Cherry tomatoes ( i used a large oval version) – pachino succosi
  • tofu puffs
  • red onion, coarse salt, olive oil
  • udon

It takes about 20 minuts to prepare this mintey delcious dish. It reminds me of Vietnamese fantastic meals where mint and lettuce are always present.

  1. Briskly stir fry garlic and onion, then add halved tomatos. (5 min)
  2. After few minuts add little hot water, stir and add more. (2 min)
  3. Drop the veggies coarsly sliced. Let them cook for a long while. (10 min)
  4. At the end add noodles and dullops of fish meat, and dill finally. (8 min)

E N J O Y    IT !

As side dish i complemented this quick dinner with garlickey red cabbage & broccoli stir fried. Also very tasty.


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