Rice set 6 of 7: Rice & barley bakuteh

This year, i almost wanted to go back to Singapore and spend Christmas there with our friends. It is where we explored the taste of herbal soup BAKUTEH. They are dry fruits, roots and spices like jujube, angelica, lycii and others which i am now reading beside the little package. It s great to find these spices also here in town at the malaysian minimarket. They bring some special flavour from the south here on our table even though we are staying at home for this Holidays! Sometimes they use rice, sometimes plane soup for bakuteh, i mixed barley and rice for this set number 6. Moreover, as showed in pictures at the bottom of the bowl, i added chicken wings, gingko nuts pulp and a small handful of greens. It tastes delicious and keeps our body arm and cozy for the Winter Season.  Besides the packed herbs infact we can add more ingredients to bakuteh, meat and vegetables for example for chewing our fav. But the typical strong flavour of this special herbal mix will remain.

Rice set 5 Basil congee with pork & chicken

Rice set 4  Rice with double circle of vegetables.

Rice set 3 Mexican Rice with guacamole and Indian feta paranthas.

Rice set 2 Rice with pepperly stir fry and caramelized lotus roots.

Rice set 1 Ginger rice with ham and eggs.


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