Rice set 3 of 7: Mexical rice with guacamole & Indian feta parantas

This is such a fresh dish! Just think of the drizzling juicy lemon drops from the guacamole and the small decorative yellow slices on top of rice. Good. This dish is also a real fusion of Southamerican, Chinese and Indian cuisine. Our imagination is so poor that we cannot understand totally yet the common aspects of these three great countries, meaning three worlds. My culinary attempt to feel  them closer: Feel the taste!

R I C E ~ R I S O

Stir fry in garlekey oil: onions,  gingko nuts and cherry tomatos divided in two halves with the fleshy parts in contact with the pan, add basil leaves and the steamed rice. Stir. Pour in a bowl and mold it in a flat dish, decorate with lemon or basil leaves. Stir fry in olio all aglio: cipolle, noci di gingko e pomodori pachino divisi in due con la parte polposa verso il basso, aggiungere basilico in foglie ed il riso cotto al vapore. Girare. Versare in una scodella fonda e dare la forma in un piatto piano. decorare con limone o basilico.


Smash in pestle: ripe avocado, pureed garlic, salt, oil, couple of cherry tomatos in chunkies, coriander (cilantro). Pestare avocado supermaturo in pezzi, uno spicchio d aglio in puree, sale, gocce d olio, un paio di pomodorini a pezzetti, coriandolo in foglie.


Mix in a bowl white flour, pinch of salt, 1 tsp baking soda, coriander leaves minced; add warm water and mix, let the dough rest and prepare the guacamole in the meantime. Rub flour on your hand and make a flat disk with the dough, then put crumbles of feta cheese in the middle, close it and redo the disk, rub puree garlic on it and few drops of oil. Send it to the pan , pinch it with a  fork and let it become crusty and nicely cooked. Add very little oil when necessary, parantha does not have to fry! When ready cut it in traingle and serve with dullops of plane yogurt. Mescolare farina bianca, sale, 1 cucch baking soda, coriandolo sminuzzato; aggiungere acqua calda e formare una palla. Lasciar riposare e preparare il guacamole intanto. Ritornare alla palla e con le mani infarinate formare un disco, mettere pezzetti di feta al centro e un po di puree di aglio, richiudere il fagotto e riformare il disco. Prima di metterlo in padella dare due gocce d olio sul disco. La parantha non deve friggere! Quindi aggiungere gocce d olio durante la cottura se necessario, farla cuocere, pizzicarne la superfice con uan forchetta, girarla e far cuocere i due lati che diventeranno tipo crosta. Servirla con yogurt bianco.  

Rice Set 1  & Rice Set 2


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