Tonight Japanese (not raw sushi)!

Can you believe that this dinner was prepared in much less than an hour starting from the moment the rice was already ready steamed 🙂 The idea was to make some sushi and nothing else but one by one i realized there were other perfect ingredients on the kitchen working desk. Magically and rapidly everything was done with any real plan so far. And this is the reason why we totally enjoyed this dinner. 

The fish was simply pan-fried (after resting sometime in the fridge enveloped in potato starch, with ginger, salt and cane sugar, then sprinkled with springonion and accompanied by a dipping of soy sauce, sugar/salt, garlic and shallots.

For the sushi some bowls were prepared (see pic here above from to towards right) with: spinach, coarse cut of capers, buttered strings of aubergine, lettuce, water with vinegar and salt (to wash the finger during the making of sushi rolls), finely cut lettuce, tofu puffs vertically sliced. I also used small longwise chunks of panfried fish for one kind of rolls.




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