Rice set 1 of 7: Ginger rice with ham & eggs

Hope you will enjoy this parade of rice set. They are very common at Asian restaurants and make a delicious and fullfilling lunch or dinner. I can prepare them also with leftover meals and simple ingredients available in the fridge at the moment: eggs, ham, veggies, dry meat, butter, sauces…Rice set give very creative ways to love your time in the kitchen!

1. This is stickey steamed rice. A mix of white and red thai rice steamed with squash small chunks. Then stir fried in ginger oil with taiwanese ham, eggs, salt, sugar and soy sauce drops. Thats it!

2. Stir fry a thick rinsed lettuce in pure garlic oil (meaning  a oil in which was fried some crushed garlic) together with salt, sugar and malaysian balanchan.

3. Warm up some butter and let grated zucchini and strings of eggplant cook in it with some salt sprinkled and preserved black bean with licorice. See you to next SET!

In conclusion a fusion of lovely delicate flavours will envelope each of your buds, you will enjoy this creative rice set, i am sure!

Eccovi una serie di Set a base di riso, il primo di 7! Sono molto creativi da preparare e si possono cucinare con avanzi ed ingredienti molto comuni come uova, prosciutto, zenzero, verdure… 

  • Il riso qui e’ stato cotto al vapore (bianco e  nero mix) insieme  a zucca in cubetti; poi ripassato al wok in olio allo zenzero (cioe olio in cui ha soffritto un pezzetto di radice di zenzero), con un uovo e del prosciutto a pezzetti.
  • La lattuga e’ stata ripassata anche al wok con aglio e balanchan di malesia (una miscela di gamberetti secchi e saporiti)
  • L altro contorno sono zucchine grattugiate  emelenzana tagliata supersottile appassite insieme ad una noce di burro con fagioli neri in conserva (shop cinese, sono fantastici e stanno bene dappertutto!
  • Ciao al prossimo SET!

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