Magical stir fry with capers!

Before leaving magical Italy Aunt Lusina came to say i love you & have  a good trip bringing also with her a bag of salty capers and fragrant pulverized oregano. Do you know whats so special about capers? They grow wild into rockey walls! THeir heart shaped leaves splash out like a cascade and the wind scatter all over petrified holes the seeds. Capers are magic and so this Chinese stir fry with a Mediterranean twist~ You need: ginger, onion, soy sauce, capers, chopped choysam, chopped fish balls, 2 young chicken eggs, 1 tomato,  oil, salt & sugar, steamed rice.


Un tocco mediterraneo allo stir fry con soya e riso. Ingredienti: zenzero, cipolla, salsa soya, capperi, riso cotto, una verdura in foglia, fishballs a pezzi, 2 uova piccole, 1 pomodoro, sale, zucchero e olio.



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