Rice potato preserved black beans

Summer is being really hot so we are choosed rice (a mix of white, brown and raw) everyday, refrreshing and cooling drink (not meaning cold or iced drinks here) to keep the liver calm and cooled down. Fresh vegetables, yogurt, nuts, sesame, cherries, sometimes ready made cakes from local bakeries. Here is a light dinner, interesting flavour suffused with western and chinese touches.

Steamed Rice & potatos with black beans

You know black beans? In China they preserve them in jars, their flavour becoming extremely aromatic and delicious, sour and pretty strong. I  use them almost anywhere both with steamed or stir fried food!

Here the ingredients are just all mixed and rice and potatoes hav been cooking in the rice cooker machine.

L Estate qui e’ veramente calda quindi stiamo scegliendo solo riso (miz di bianco, integrale e nero) ogni giorno, verdure fresche, ciliegie, yogurt,cnoci, sesamo, qualche panettoncino dalla panetteria locale ogni tanto, bevande rinfrescanti per il bel fegato, rinfrescanti non nel senso di fredde o ghiacciate. Ecco del riso cucinato al vapore insieme alle patate e poi mescolao con un cucchiaio di fagioli neri in conserva (dallo shop cinese)    


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