Surquig (Lebanese hoop cheese) grilled veg salad

Thanks to the great chef of Taste of Beirut i could make this cute hoop cheese also named shankleesh. Which saved a late night dinner yesterday after watching the Drabon Boat race live from the beach.

This cheese texture feels really great, it s nor creamy nor heavy; the wrapping spicies give a special tasty touch (organic oregano and paprika). It s fun to shape it into a ball at the end. It was just an experiment with half jar of cowmilk yogurt this time and coating with spices only fom outside, but surely will remake it later also with goat yogurt.

It was the pefect complement in a grilled veggies salad, a mix of tomato, eggplant, spinach, boiled quailes egg,olive oil, apple vinegar.

Lebanese are very creative and  with such an extended knowledge in cheese making (not only!), and in Taste of Beirut you can find many wonderful recipes. My next one wil be ashta, a cream cheese based on milk, toast bread an corn starch. Delicacy!


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