Squash gnocchetti ~ Gnocchetti di zucca

They have them in wikipedia! Gnocchi (gnocchetti = small gnocchi) is Italian version of soft noodle or dumplings. My mom makes gnocchi everytime, never buys them. For the pleasure of kneading a little bit, you can prepare gnocchi even on busy times. I made them last nite at 9 , squash version: it results an orangey colored dough like this:

Gli gnocchi si possono lavorare a mano anche in tempi molto occupati perche sono veloci e semplici da preparare. Ecco  la versione arancione in cui la farina viene impastata con zucca cotta al vapore  e poi raffreddata. Dopo averli tagliati uno ad uno ho fatto un incisione con la forchetta cosi per dargli un aspetto creativo. Dopo bolliti sono stati conditi con besciamella e peperoni rossi tagliati molto sottili.

Simply mix plain flour with steamed mashed squash after the latter is cooled down. Then start making long tubes as thick as fingers and cut the gnocchi one by one quick quick with a knife. I also carved them slightly afterwords on one side with a fork, just for fun. The dough has to be elastic, malleable, smooth to shape.

Bring salty water to boil an pour the gnocchi in it being careful they are separated and dont stick to each other (for that see the picture above: they are slightly coated with extra flour). When soft enough they can be tossed with any sauce you like. For example white besciamella with red peppers an nutmeg.


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