Mascarpone hot chocolate

Mascarpone must be like an Italian product veru much commercialized because i kinda grew up wth it (tiramisu anyone?). Here in HK it s too expensive and also why to pay so much for a milkey thing? when it s in discount i buy it and make cheescake for example. Yesterday i made hot chocolate sprinkled with grounded walnuts. For two cups:  Boil 1 cup milk and mix it thouroughly with 4 tsp dark powder chocolate, then blend eveything with 4 Tsp of mascarpone and 1 Tsp sugar or agave nectar. (dosage mascarpone and milk depends on how creamy u like it) thats it! enjoy!

Per 2 tazze: Riscaldare 1 tazza di latte  mescolare con 4 cuch di cacao amaro. Poi processare con 4 Cucch mascarpone e 1 Cucch zucchero o nettare di agave. (dosi di latte e mascarpone dipendono da quanto cremosa vi piace la chocolata) enjoy!


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