Beancurd rolls!

How to resist to at least one of them?! It s so much fun to eat deep fried springrolls… once in a while and i suggest yu to look  for the best beancurd sheets available wherever you are. Here in HK hand make them and there is always a long queue as yu can imagine to get fresh, translucent, superthin, fragrant beancurd paper:

On weekends sometimes i really love to browse stones, beads and fabrics  at  old fashioned Sham Shoi Po district. So old that will surprise you anytime. And punctually we are happy to queue up for our batch of beancurd for spring rolls. I am not sure there are shops like this one in other areas in town. This time i stir fried made two different minced fillings for the rolls:

FILLING 1: every ingredient must be coarsly  minced: ginger, squash, presoaked dry mushrooms, salt, sugar, walnuts. Tutti gli ingredienti devono essere macinati e poi a stirfry prima di diventare

 ripieno degli involtini: zenzero, zucca, funghi secchi pre-ammorbiditi in acqua, sale, zucchero, noci (i pezzetti bianchi in foto).

So crunchy & deli & fun!! Croccante delizioso & divertente!!

FILLING 2: The second batch had vegetarian shrimps in it! Interesting huh? And mozzarella too, plus squash and onions. The melted mozzarella was softly contrasting the crunchiness of the skin. Il secondo batch aveva gamberi vegetariani, interessante eh? E poi mozzarella, zucca e cipolle, sale  e zucchero. La mozzarella fusa contrastava fantasticamente con la crocantezza del guscio.


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