Baked Chicken legs with garbanzos & yogurt

That was  a very loooong marinate, like few hours, in order to get that juicy chicken out of the oven. And it was the first time i used silicon bowl to bake a couple of big size chicken legs. Well in the end i didnt taste any of it coz they went directly into the bellies of hubbie and friend, but considering that they literally spit out the poor bone alone, it was a kudos recipe. Moreover absolutely simple!

Make 3 diagonal cuts on each skinless leg and prepare the marinade: minced garlic and ginger, pepper, paprika, chilli, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, cornstarch. Then before sendin them to oven pour on top a generous 1 Cup   plain yogurt and handful of garbanzos,  some slices of lime. Serve with plain rice after 40 minuts to 150 degrees.

Queste cosce di pollo hanno marinato per quache ora in aglio e zenzero tritati, pepe, chili, paprika,  salsa soya, olio sesamo, zucchero, fecola di mais. Poi prima di andare in forno hanno ricevuto una tazza di yogurt bianco e una manciata di ceci (in lattina), e qualche fettina di lime. Servire con riso in bianco dopo circa 40 minuti a 150 gradi.



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