Brunch friendly: udon marinated chicken & bacon ~ udon con pollo marinato e pancetta

Soft integral udon dressed with a limoneychilly white meat and wolfberries! My last experiment are these stir fried udon with super sliced marinated chicken breasts. It was  a 30 minuts marinate with the following ingredients:

  1. olive oil
  2. salt, crushed pepper
  3. chili powder
  4. cornstarch
  5. wolfberry
  6. squeezed lime

I stirfried some onions and canadian bacon (no white fat), then added the chicken and finally preboiled udons. Absolutely gorgeous with spicyness at the right point and great lime zest in the background. i think it s a common kind of flavour very palatable an juicy. we loved it and too bad i made it in small quantity enough for a late brunch.

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