Red Ant & Lunchtime cafe review

Red Ant is quite popular in Hong Kong.When arrived in the city the first time i had the opportunity to meet this place it felt very much fresh! It s a chain, there are lots of Red ants allover HK, sometimes small like cafe sometimes very large like real restaurants; but they all keep the same clean, trendy fusion stamp which i like alot! You can enjoy here tasty food presented in all kinds of Asian nd Western facades with the respective respectable blend of ingredients: Pasta, Korean rice stone, japanese seafood, ramen, rice omelette, several dessert a la charte, lunch or dinner set…Yesterday with   a friend we casually stopped by one of the Red Ant in Mong Kok, a superbusy  shopping area. It was in cafe style, tiny and neat with smiling waiters in orange aprons. We wanted something quick and filling so opted for a huge omelette filed with rice and topped with light currysauce an veggies plus two desserts, one mango flavored and the other strawberries flavored. Enjoyed the strawberries an wipped cream in between two layers of pasta sfoglia [filo].

Lunchtime break in Hung Ham, where my office is located, often means a small bistro with just six tables serving lunch sets for 38 dollars: soup or salad + a choice of meat meal with potatoes or pasta or rice or pita bread + drink. It s  a windowless room (like many small bistros in HK) with streetview located in the restaurants district of a factories area.



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