The marinated olives stir fry rice ~ Riso stir fry con olive marinate

The flavour is all into the oily condiment of marinated green olives. On handful of them into the stir fry together with few caulflowers branchs, chopped frenchbeans, chopped thick prosciutto cotto, onions. Fresh steamed thai rice. No soy sauce, no other flavors added, no salt. All the ingredients will be slightly soffused with the herbed oil. Can be served either warm or cold becoming in this case a classic Italian insalata di riso = rice salad.  

Il sapore si sprigiona esclusivamente dall olio delle olive marinate, infuso di erbe e peperoncino. Niente aggiunta di altre erbe o sale. Solo mescolare in padella riso una manciata di ingredienti come olive appunto, cipolle, cavolfiore, fagiolini, prosciutto cotto ed infine riso al vapore. Delizioso~


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