Steamed dot. dot. cake ~ Tartina al vapore a pois

It’s a dot dot cake of course, just watch the outlook:

It’s because of the finely grated dark chocolate which was added to the batter one minut before starting the steming process and also this is the first time i try to seriously steam a cake. Result was surprisingly perfect and no difference with tastier than the same kind of japanese cake they sell at 7eleven here. The only forethught while cooking is to regularly wipe the lid inside so that the vaporized water doesnt drop diectly ito the cake. 


  • 1 C self raising flour ~ 1 T farina autolievitante
  • 1 TSP caster sugar ~ 1 Cucc zucchero
  • good dark chocolate grinded ~ cioccolato fondete tritato per bene
  • some butter ~ burro
  • 2 TSP liquid plane yogurt ~ 2 Cucc yogurt bianco
  • 1 egg ~ 1 uovo
  • condensed milk ~ latte condensato
  • little milk ~ poco latte fresco

Melt/warm up butter and yogurt. Add them to the rest of ingredients (except chocolate) already mixed. Then chocolate. The final batter should be like a very thick cream still sticking to the whisker, should not be too  liquid. Pour it in a glass bowl for the steaming. It will take at least 20minuts before it s completed. Can be served topped with some condensed milk ~

L’effetto pois viene dal cioccolato fondente tritato che si aggiunge poco prima di cominciare a cuocere a vapore. L’unico accorgimento durante la cottura e’ di regolarmente asciugare con un panno il coperchio dall’interno, cosi le goccie di acqua non cadono direttamente nella tortina.

ingredienti: leggere sopra! Riscaldare burro e yogurt ed incorporarli nel mix degli altri ingredienti. Aggiungere il choco solo alla fine. Deve risultare un composto cremoso spesso, che resta attaccato alla frusta,  non una crema perfetta ne’ troppo liquida. Versarlo in una ciotola di vetro e cominciare a cuocere al vapore per almeno 20 minuti.


3 thoughts on “Steamed dot. dot. cake ~ Tartina al vapore a pois

  1. Steamed cakes are very popular back home in Malaysia and according to the Chinese belief, they are not as heaty and better for health. Your steamed cake looks very delicious and of course I just love to see and taste condensed milk 😀 Did you add the condensed milk into the batter or just to drizzle over it? Thanks for sharing.

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