Yellow lentils burger ~ Burger di lenticche gialle


With swinging Springs at the door it feels almost impossible to swallow creamy soups like it would be one made with lentils. Originally they were let cook with few green leaves, paprika, olive oil, onions, boiled water…until they were soft enough (percedently left soaking in water overnight) and tasty. The day after they became burgers! Just adding enough flour to make a thick batter, then fry it and that is all about it. Simply tasy and also fully vegetarian~

Molto facili da preparare una volta che le lenticchie sono pronte, basta aggiungere della farina fin quando si crea un impasto adatto ad essere schiacciato e  fritto! Le lenticchie gialle, dopo aver trascorso tutta la notte e un giorno in acqua sono state cucinate con olio,  cipolle, paprika, sale, acqua bollente, fin quando sono diventate abbastanza cremose  e saporite.


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