Rice miso chicken ~ riso miso al pollo

I warn you: it s gonna be only rice from now on :-),we are exploring the pleasure to enjoy rice dishes for breakfast, kinda must in this fast paced city where necessity to cook quick & easily digestible food is Huge. Rice is perfectly fitting the concept, so in case you are looking for inspiration to make noodle and pasta meals just browse my old recipes or expect them once in a while. Focus on rice yea! How do i cook rice? In 3 ways:

  1. steamed with electrical rice cooker (quantity rice:water, 1:2)
  2. boiled in water and salt (rice:water, 1:2)
  3. Indian style: raw clean rice fried in oil and herbs or onion, then add water (rice:water, 1:2), wait to boil, lower the flame at minimum and cover with lid.

Today beakfast was simply deli, it s now 11.09 am and i still have the great feeling of satisfaction in the stomach. I m Chinese at heart you see. Lst nite my friends from Moscow werejoking: in Japan they eat with eyes, in Korea with buds, in China with stomach 🙂

  • sliced chicken breast
  • half red capsicum sliced
  • miso broth
  • paneer
  • salt, onion, olive oil, fresh thyme

sautee onions in oil, add the rest except broth, stir for  5min then add the broth, salt; let cook on slow flame. Serve finally with steamed rice.

Da ora in poi solo riso. Siamo alla ricerca di staple food che si digerisce brevemente. Se volete ispirazioni di pasta o noodle quelle arrivernno di tanto in tanto. HK e` troppo veloce e merita cibo smart e  veloce, come il riso. Eccovi un piatto delizioso che richiede

  • petto di pollo a pezzetti
  • peperone rosso a fettine
  • paneer (tipo tofu)
  • brodo di miso (1/2 tazza)
  • sale, cipolla , olio, timo

appassire cipolla in olio poi aggiungere tutto tranne il brodo, girare per 5 min poi far cuocere a fuoco lento nel brodo; servire caldo con riso al vapore.



2 thoughts on “Rice miso chicken ~ riso miso al pollo

  1. I love rice too. I don’t think I can live a day without rice 😀 Some times it can be tough living overseas, especially when on holiday to small countryside places. Great to know that you love rice. Have a nice weekend.

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