Almond flour (almond meal) muffins! delicacy!

Normal flour muffins i cant even swallow them, they are always too thick even with some banana or moistourizer ingredient within. But almond muffins! wow such a revelation: soft, delicate, flavorful…Would highly recommend to switch to nut flour for your muffins all the times. Especially when it’s home made like in this case (i am planning other nuts flours like nocciole or walnut or cashew). The process is so easy (see almond meal on the left in the pic). With about 300 gr almond meal+ 200 gr plain flour i made 8 muffins plus  a small cupcake, the only pic i could take here at office just to show the texture, but the muffins were much bigger and more beautiful 🙂 :


  • 300 gr almond meal ~ farina mandorle
  • 200 gr plain flour ~ farina bianca
  • juice of one lemon ~ succo di un limone
  • 1/2 glass rose water ~ mezzo bicchiere acqua di rose
  • salt pinch ~ pizzico sale
  • 1/2 glass agave nectar (or sugar) ~ nettare d’agave (o zucchero)
  • 1/2 tsp bagink soda
  • 1/2 tsp baking powder

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