Pakora mini eggplant

Another delicacy from the Indian shop: mini purple eggplants (there is also a white variety). Pakora is a deep fried style to prepare sliced or full veggies in a batter of plain flour, turmeric powder, other favourite spices (in this case chili, hing, coriander, masala) and water of course.

Pakora: lo stile indiano di friggere verdure in una pastella di farina, haldi, spezie favorite e acqua. Queste sono le melanzane mini, direttamente tagliate  a fettine, mescolate con cipolla soffritta e la pastella prima della frittura. Le spezie favorite oltre all’haldi che gli da il colore giallo: chili, hing, coriandolo, masala. 


2 thoughts on “Pakora mini eggplant

  1. Wow…your pakoras look very delicious. I can just snack on them…..yum. Would be so good with a spicy dipping sauce. I usually fry it and then made a spicy sauce to mix it up and eat with rice.

  2. yes a spicy sauce or also a yogurt based sauce with mint or coriander just to balance the heaviness of the deep fried~yumyumyum i love deep fried snacks or dim sum~~ 🙂

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