Kheer chinese style

For the first time we are trying milk Amlata,12 pieces box from the Indian store. Milk in HK is just so so. That from Mongolia is delicious, Aussie milk also okey. Let’s make some easy milk pudding ~ i thought! But having on hand only thin rice vermicelli it’s going to be a Kheer in chinese style ~ Delicate, healthy, aromatic, odorous like  flower…give it a try; angel hair spaghetti works also perfectly with this one.

ingredients used:

  • 750 ml milk
  • rice vermicelli (can use angel hair)
  • agave nectar (can use castor sugar)
  • almond paste (can use powder)
  • cardamom extract (can use powder)
  • sliced pistachios (can use cashew, almonds…)
  • dried cranberry (can use raisins)
  • rose water
  • ghee


Melt ghee and stir in vermicelli (3cm cut, previously soaked in water for 5 minuts and drained) for abundant 5 min. Add cardamom and sugar, stir well; add almond paste keep stirring well with your wooden chopsticks; add some nuts and dry fruit; stir and add milk if necessary, taste…Rose water in the very end before serving. Can be seved warm or cold. Saffron would be a very elegant touch if you  have~




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