Nutella cheescake

It was the first time i got nutella from the store in 5 (or maybe 10) years so i wanted to try to mix it with cheese for this basic cake. It came out very yummi and not too sweet, even with a tao design version posted here.

As you can see i amalgamated with a wisker nutella and 2 white cheese (philadelphia and creamy fresh), plus 1 TSP of castor sugar. This formed cream went to top a refrigerated crusty layer of 100 g. butter and 150 g. polverized McVities cookies. Then its time to bake the whole choco beauty for about 30 min at 150 degrees in a medium size plumcake stamp or any other shape. After baking the cake stays overnight in the fridge and the day after its ready for breakfast; it should be kept at room temperature for a little while before eating. And extra nutella can be even coated all over the top! But we were very happy just with our result:


3 thoughts on “Nutella cheescake

  1. Hey Radha, how are you? Happy Belated Chinese New Year LOL! hehe… yeah, it’s been awhile, since the last change made by FB. However, hope to catch up with you more often! Btw, your nutella cheese cake sounds addictive. I’m sure will give it a try some of this day. Have a nice day!
    Cheers always,

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