Peanuts bars

Inspired completely by Mary’s recipe. Look up at her dosage and see what happened here: the one on the right comes with 2C of white sugar instead of 1C white + 1C brown.  It didnt hardened! So i am using it for sweet whole peanuts congee, it’s super delicious we are happy to have find to way to make it! the one on the left replaces golden syrup with pure maple syrup and a small handful of crunchy bananas slices mixed to the grounded peanuts. It hardened in no time and also friends loved it. we are stil enjoying the crunchchchc~  Happy belated birthday Mary and thanks for this simple deli one ~



One thought on “Peanuts bars

  1. Thanks very much for the mention, Radha! Love how you made changes to it and even eat it with congee. Must be very delicious. I must try that.

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