Moistourized Hk weather mini pears cake ~ Torta umida di pere da clima HK

Cakes go with weather you all know that, not only with the quality of the oven. Because we like humidity in HK, we cook steamed food and go for sauna every week to expell all body toxins and moistourize the lunghs. Moistourized cake. That’s exactly what i am tasting. We are loving it. It’s because of the pears though. They are from Aussie and the uncle at the market on Sat evening insisted that i should try them before buying a full bag. I never saw such little pears but they are caskets of the most amazing and fragrant flavour i promise.

Now for this cake you need a oven which is a fake oven ahah like mine, that everytime i bake something the result is always a surprise. But i take the risk cause i was born with a confident character which is applying also to daily culinary adventures. If you have an elegant super oven maybe the cake will be something different. This is a eggless cake, we are not big funs of eggs and have them only when at the restaurant with friends & family.

Preparation & Ingredients:

  1. Deseed and destalk the pears, then cook them in a couple of TBS of caster sugar, until they mash, give them some water while softening on fire.  Add a handful of previously softened in water almonds, halved.
  2. Mix a Cup of plain flour with a tsp baking powder, then add 150 gr. of soft butter in it and mix, add a couple of Tsp caster sugar.
  3. Pour ready caramelized pears in to flour mixture, add a small cup of plain yogurt and mix.
  4. Taste the well mistourized mix, transfer into a small greased stamp for plumcake.
  5. Bake for at least 30 min in 150 degrees oven. 
  6. Yum! our supper dessert and now enjoying for breakfast ~

Non avrete bisogno di quelle perine Australiane per infornare questa deliziosa tortina che si puo anche presentare tagliata a quadrotti o rombi. Il mio forno non e’ fantastico o massiccio quindi ogni volta qualsiasi infornata si rivela una sorpresa. Ecco la preparazione e forse il vostro risultato sara’ diverso e non tanto umido? Le torte dipendono anche dal clima, ieri qui era bufera di vento e aria calda.

  1. Caramellare le pere a pezzetti in un paio di Cucchiai di zucchero raffinato con mandorle precedentemente ammorbidite in acqua bollente.
  2. Mescolare 1 tazza di farina con 1 cucchiaino di baking powder, poi aggiungere 150 gr burro morbido, mescolare e agg. un paio di Cucchiai di zucchero.
  3. Versare il composto di pere nella farina,mescolare ed agg. 1 tazzina di yogurt bianco.
  4. Assaggiare  e mescolare. Quando e’ il momento giusto infornare piccolo stampo da plumcake imburrato a 150 g. per almeno 30 min in forno pre-riscaldato.

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